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Become a Freelance Real Estate Agent in Dubai, UAE

As Dubai’s economy is booming and people from everywhere are coming to UAE, and especially to Dubai to try their luck, and Dubai’s generosity is well-renowned. No one leaves empty handed from this land of opportunities.
The potential of new opportunities in Dubai is never ending. Whether it is the conflict between 2 countries, or Economic conditions in a certain region or country, people from all over the globe come to this land of opportunities because of Safety, Tax Free Salaries, Return On Investments, and most importantly Ease of Handsome Earnings.

Dubai is well known for its properties and property business. From the tallest sky scraper in the world to the world’s most expensive villa. From the villas in coziest water fronts to apartments in the heart of business hub i.e. Business Bay, from Top class master bed rooms for rent to bed spaces for rent in Dubai.
You can find any type of property for sale/rent in Dubai.

With all this being said, one might be thinking why not become a real estate agent in Dubai, UAE? Well, this blog is about “what it’s like to become a Freelance Real Estate Agent in Dubai”.

Getting a Real Estate Broker License in Dubai

Despite of the opportunities in the real estate market there is a lot of competition going on. The numbers of Real Estate Agent in Dubai are increasing rapidly. For the exact facts and figures you can check on RERA Dubai Website (

So, you might be thinking that if there is so much competition so how can I earn or how can I outcome my competition in Dubai Real Estate Business?
Well the answer to that is quite simple “Become a Freelance Real Estate Agent in Dubai, UAE”.

The procedure of becoming a Freelance Real Estate Agent in Dubai was shared in our previous blog read that blog thoroughly to have the complete knowledge of how to become a real estate agent in Dubai.

After acquiring your RERA Dubai or RERA License Dubai you would be eligible to join any real estate company of your choice. So the question still stands “How to outrank my competition?”

Correct Use of Social Media

With the correct use of Social Media you can outrank your competition by reaching out the right audience faster than your competitors.
One Klick SEO has all the expertise to boost your social media presence and could definitely help you in reaching the right audience at the right moment.
Many real estate agents are using the help of Digital Marketing or Social Media Agencies in Dubai to grow their social media presence.

By having One Klick SEO as your social media agency in Dubai, you would be able to stay ahead of your competition and would have the benefit of working independently where as your competition would be doing cold callings or would be dependent on their companies to provide them with the leads.

You can work independently and have qualified leads on your finger tips and investors from all around the globe would be reaching out to you because of your social media presence and dominance.

Use of Contacts/Connections

The other strategy could be the right use of your connections which would include the references from earlier sells, or references from investors or friends in UAE. After doing the cold callings, if the investor would be interested you can turn that investor into a qualified lead, or you can ask them for a reference.

Reaching out to the Property Portals

If you have qualified leads or contacts with the investors, you can easily make a fortune out of it. There are many Property Portals in Dubai like; Property Finder, Bayut, etc. You can reach out to the other real estate agents, to work with you on partnership for the commission which could benefit both.

Final Words

Being a Freelance Real Estate Agent in Dubai with qualified leads in your pocket and working independently is always a dream come true for every agent. It is possible when you will play your Social Media cards right.

But you can avoid all the hassles of managing your Social Media accounts which could include scheduling of posts, keeping yourself up to date with the market trends which could be a tricky job and might deviate you from your end goal. Hire One Klick SEO as your Social Media Agency in Dubai to manage all your social Media accounts and would keep your profile fresh and updated.
Contact us today to outcome your competition and to be a step ahead.

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