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How to Become a Freelance Real Estate Agent/Broker in Dubai – A Complete Guide

Are you aware that working as a real estate agent/broker is one of the most profitable professions in Dubai? In Dubai, real estate is grabbing the attention of foreign investors and visitors nowadays. The developers come up with amazing ideas and designs, and the architects never fail in building wonderful structures. It has become a lavish city in UAE that possess a luxury lifestyle, and due to this, there is an increase in the number of people who want to be settled in Dubai having their own property. Eventually, there are more investors and more buyers. As a result of which Dubai’s real estate industry is booming, and more individuals want to become real estate agents in Dubai. But the question is, how to get into it?

If you’re one of those individuals and passionate about achieving your mark in this industry, then this blog is for you. In this blog I will discuss:

  • Role of a freelance real estate agent?
  • Why become a freelance real estate agent?
  • How to become a freelance real estate broker in Dubai?
  • How to renew your License?
  • How Can We Help you Grow as a Freelance Realtor in Dubai?

Role of a Freelance Real Estate Agent

As a freelance realtor in Dubai, you need to buy and sell commercial and residential property on behalf of your clients. Your duties include listing the client’s property for sale and representing the property to its potential buyers. And even negotiating the final sale price is a duty of an agent.

You can also work as a buyer agent, finding them the right property following their budget and needs. Your duties are almost comparable to the real estate agents working for a company. However, being a freelancer you work with the clients on a contractual basis and may also collaborate with other freelance realtors in Dubai.

Why become a Freelance Real Estate agent in Dubai?

Starting your career as a freelance property agent or working as a part-time freelance property agent would be the right choice for you because there are many reasons to choose this option as your profession. First and foremost, Dubai’s property market has been expanding in recent times, and you will be dealing with one of the most expensive assets in the UAE.

The nature of the job allows you to work from home, so why pay extra for a broker’s office? You are free to work from anywhere and whenever you want. You set your own schedule and have more time to spend with your loved ones and your family.

Enjoy the perks of becoming independent in the field, you can also start your own business as a real estate in the future, and this will build your name in the world’s leading property capital. Alternatively, you can also work for any brokerage firm as a freelance realtor on a commission basis. Even in this case, you can earn a huge income because mass income comes usually from the agent’s commission.

One of the best perks is that you don’t need to have any degree to work as a property agent. This makes your entry into the industry very cheaper because without taking any student debts you can start your work and make the same or more amount of money as many other reputable professions.

How to Become a Freelance Real Estate Agent/Broker in Dubai

Step 1 – Get a Residency Visa (For Ex-pats)

Firstly, you need to get your residency visa in order to become a property broker in Dubai.

Individuals who are UAE residents and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nationals can easily apply and get their licenses. On the other hand, the ex-pats need to have a valid residency visa to work as freelance realtors in Dubai. You can get your residency visa sponsored by your spouse who is already working in Dubai or get a work visa from your employer’s firm.

Moreover, you will be required to have an Emirates ID if you’re new in UAE.

Step 2 – Enroll Yourself in DREI Training Program

When you obtain your visa, the second step to becoming a real estate broker is to enroll yourself in the training program with Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI). 

This is a four-day training course known as the Certified Training Course for Real Estate Agents in Dubai. This course will provide you with all the necessary understanding of the real estate business, its principles, and best practices in the region.

This course is officially approved by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) which is the regulatory body of the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

There are various modules that are covered in the DREI training course in which some of them include:

  • History and development
  • Sales process and agreements
  • Code of Ethics
  • Concepts, definitions, and market players
  • The business of a broker
  • Legal module
  • Intro to owner’s association
  • Essential skills
  • Leasing process and rental agreements

The DREI course registration will cost you AED 3000, and the documents required for registration is your Emirates ID and a copy of your residency/work visa.

Step 3 – Take and Pass the RERA Exam

After the completion of the four-day training program, you have to appear in the written RERA exam. The exam fee for the degree holder applicants is AED 3200, while applicants not having a degree is AED 6300. The exam is easy, and you can easily pass the RERA exam if you have studied all the contents of the course thoroughly.

Step 4 – Obtain Your Real Estate Agent License Dubai

You will be on your way to getting a property dealer license to start your work as a Freelance broker in Dubai once you clear the RERA exam.

Additionally, you are also required to submit your certificate of good conduct.

The Economic Department will issue your realtor license and card if you have met all the necessary requirements. You can get your credentials within 2 to 3 days after submitting all documents.

How to Renew Your Real Estate Agent License Dubai

You need to renew your broker license one month before its expiration.

For the renewal of your license, you need to take the RERA exam once again and have to secure 85% marks in the exam. Once you pass the exam, you can complete the further process online.

Please note if you didn’t apply for the renewal process within the due date, your license can get canceled or you might be asked to take the training course again.

The documents required for the renewal of the license include:

  • Copy of your passport along with your residency/work visa.
  • Qualification certificate
  • Photograph

The renewal process of your broker license will cost AED 510.

How Can One Klick SEO Help you grow as a Freelance Realtor in Dubai

Dubai’s real estate industry is flourishing, and those days are gone when people used to look for property agents in magazines or newspapers. In this digitally advanced era, now people can easily look for an agent or property online.

For that reason, digital marketing has become important for you if you’re a freelance real estate broker in Dubai.

With years of experience in the field, One Klick SEO is here to help freelance real estate agents in Dubai build their online presence, generate quality and targeted leads, and ultimately convert those leads into customers. We have a better understating of the real estate audience and what elements influence them.

While you keep your buyers first, we keep you first.

The Wrap Up

I hope this blog will help you to become a Freelance Real Estate Agent in Dubai. You can start your real estate journey right now. But, remember that becoming a realtor is not so easy. This industry is competitive, so you have to be prepared to work hard. Working with dedication is the only key to be succeeded in real estate.

If you have decided to become one of the best real estate professionals, then choose us to be your SEO Agency in Dubai.

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